The Corvitis 2004 vintage was presented in Milan in November 2006 at Palazzo Bovara, historical home to the Trade Club.
The following vintage (2005) was presented in November 2007 with an event held at the time-honoured Fonderia Napoleonica. A 2006 vintage will not be made; the grapes were not suitable, owing to the weather conditions which proved far from ideal. The 2007 vintage, on the other hand, looks set to be extraordinary!

A masterfully produced wine
Corvitis is a unique red vintage wine produced in limited edition from grapes grown in a hidden corner of an old vineyard, in the westernmost end of the Oltrepò Pavese. Respect for such a special territory and observing the superior wine-making traditions have resulted in an intense wine with a pervasive aroma, produced using grapes grown entirely with the severest organic methods.

A wine that “is good for the heart”
Corvitis is a unique wine that is “good for the heart”: moderate intake of the invaluable tannins of which Corvitis is particularly rich guarantees positive effects for the heart, protecting it, keeping it young and helping it detox from elements such as lead and mercury.

A five-star blend
Corvitis is the result of a high quality grape blend: created with 35% Uva Rara, 30% Croatina, 25% Barbera and 10% Vespolina, it is bottled with the first moon of September.

A Top wine
Corvitis boasts coveted inclusion in the Top Hundred 2006, awarded to the best 100 Italian wines by the authoritative guide Il Golosario by Paolo Massobrio.