January 2023
Como, Communication
The meeting of the committee of signatories of the Chart of Artistic Craftsmanship took place on the 16th of January, hosted by Cometa, an extraordinary reality in the city Como, particularly interesting because it is the seat of the first Liceo Imprenditoriale Artigianale del Design in Italy...
January 2023
Bergamo, Communication
"Discovering Italian savoir-faire and artistic craftsmanship" is the title of the itinerary that Wellmade has developed to discover the artisanal ateliers in the centre of Bergamo, scheduled for Saturday 28th of January from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
January 2023
Milan, Workshop
A free course for the creation of the Palazzo Litta brandbook: enrolment is open until Saturday 4th February for “A Baroque Bauhaus", a workshop devised for the Lombardy Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture and entrusted to the CorsiArte school under the supervision of Chiara Gatti...
November 2022
Milan, Floriculture
At this start of Christmas, Homo Faber Guide, edited by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, is creating a special feature on flower designers and their festive and seasonal creations.
November 2022
Milan, Award, Communication
The social communication campaign curated by Officine Millennial for the MAM-Maestro d'Arte e Mestiere project has kicked off.
November 2022
Milan, Publishing, Communication
New graphics, also renewed in terms of content, for the online version of 'Mestieri d'Arte & Design. Crafts Culture", Fondazione Cologni's six-monthly magazine dedicated to the excellence of craftmanship, high manufacturing and conscious and creative design.

Venice, Master, Wood

Saverio Pastor is one of the last "remèr" (oar maker) masters in Venice: an ancient trade, which was born in Venice many centuries ago, when mobility around the lagoon was entirely by rowing.
This noble craft is nowadays in danger of disappearing, because there are few craftspeople who are able to carry on this important know-how, and even fewer young talents who have the courage to invest many years in such a challenging job.
Nevertheless, this tradition is deeply rooted into the Venetian history and culture. 
Saverio Pastor trained alongside masters Giuseppe Carli and Gino Fossetta. In 2002 he opened his own workshop, "Le Forcole", specialized in the construction of oars and oarlocks for Venetian gondolas, according to traditional techniques dating back to the Renaissance.

Torre del Greco, Master, Coral

Laura Inghirami, journalist and advisor specialized in the jewelry sector, and Founder of Donna Jewel, interviewed, for the Cologni Foundation, the Master artisans who have been acknowledged in 2022 as “MAM – Master of Arts and Crafts”, in the category: Jewelry - Silversmithing - Goldsmithing.

Vincenzo Aucella, Marketing Manager and Master artisan of Aucella, and President of Assocoral, awarded MAM - Master of Arts and Crafts, has accompanied us to discover the history of his family company, which is based in Torre del Greco (close to Naples), home to a fascinating centuries-old tradition, and specialized in the processing and production of corals and cameos. “Post Fata Resurgo”: this is the motto of the city, which, like the legendary phoenix, has always risen from the difficulties to build a future made of uniqueness, art and beauty.

Milan, Master, Ceramic

Anita Cerrato is a ceramic restorer with a great passion for the Japanese culture and aesthetics.
She specializes in Kintsugi, a ceramic repair technique that does not hide the fractures of the object, but enhances them by embellishing them: an imperfect beauty capable of restoring life and meaning to any object.
In her atelier in Milan, she creates objects and furnishing accessories of the highest quality, with original raw materials from the Empire of the Rising Sun: clay, precious Urushi lacquer, and Marufun gold.
In 2022 she was awarded the title MAM - Master of Art and Craft by the Cologni Foundation.

Venice, Master, Glass

The history of the Barbini family goes along with the tradition of Venetian mirrors, which dates back to the 16th century. The brothers Giovanni and Vincenzo Barbini, with the support of their children, still nowadays personally carry out all the stages of processing using the traditional techniques of the craft. In 2018 they received the accolade MAM - Master of Art and Craft, promoted by the Cologni Foundation in collaboration with Alma. They took part in Homo Faber Event 2022 in Venice, exhibiting an extraordinary monumental mirror in homage to the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Master, porcelain

Antonella Cimatti, a teacher and ceramicist from Faenza, bases her poetics on creative, aesthetic and design research and innovative experimentation with contemporary techniques. Her works are designed to arouse wonder and enchantment: the whiteness of her very light porcelain crepes, large lace cups hovering on transparent crystalline stems, immaculate butterflies on the verge of taking flight with their long shadows projected on the wall, still life and light installations played on shadows through digital and LED processing. Chasing the miracle of lightness.

Caltagirone, Master, Ceramic

Nicolò Morales was born in 1973 in Caltagirone, where he lives and works. He attended the Art Institute in his city, and since an early age he has been practising in the workshops of master ceramists. His atelier is in the historic centre of the Sicilian town, where he creates both functional objects and sculptures, some of which of considerable size, with inexhaustible creativity. Here he displays his anthropomorphic vases typical of the Caltagirone tradition, but also his avant-garde interpretations, as well as reproductions of 13th-century protomaiolica. Morales literally uses the colours of his land, which he derives directly from minerals collected in the countryside around Caltagirone.