June 2023
Milan, Communication
The workshop for the creation of a new brand of Palazzo Litta - MIC Lombardy Regional Secretariat, conceived by the CorsiArte School and financed by Fondazione Cologni, has ended with outcomes of great interest.
June 2023
Como, Communication
After four years of activity, the project "AD HOC. Strategies to contrast school dropout" (selected by the social enterprise Con i Bambini, coordinated by Cometa Formazione and co-financed by the De Agostini Foundation) has come to its end.
June 2023
Milan, Award, Ceramic, Jewelry, Restauration
The 10 finalists of the "Artigiano del Cuore" contest have been selected. Promoted by Fondazione Cologni, supported by Serapian and under the aegis by the City of Milan, “Artigiano del Cuore” is now in its sixth edition, and this year it is dedicated to artisans and artisan ateliers based in Lombardy and carrying on a métier d’art.
June 2023
France, Award, Glass
On Thursday 15th June, the “Sommet du Luxe et de la Création”, organized by the Centre du Luxe et de la Création, was held in Paris at the Hotel InterContinental Paris Le Grand. The theme of the event stemmed from the reflection “What are the reference points and values that shape the soul of luxury today?”.
May 2023
Rome, Communication
At Palazzo Colonna, in the heart of Rome, the ceremony for the investiture of the 2023 Honorary Members of Fondazione Altagamma took place on Monday 15th May.
May 2023
Florence, Exhibition, Landscape
The 29th edition of “Artigianato e Palazzo. Artisanal workshops and their commissioners” will take place from 15 to 17 September 2023 inside the Giardino Corsini, one of the most fascinating gardens in Florence.

Milan, Master, Decoration

PictaLab is an interior decoration workshop created in Milan over fifteen years. It was founded in 2007 by Orsola Clerici, in collaboration with Chiara Troglio. In this elegant atelier, hand-painted wallpaper and wall decorations are created, with many different techniques: from fresco to trompe l'oeil, from coating to lacquering. Here, skilled craftspeople masterfully carry out each project, which always arises from a direct confrontation with the clients to understand their needs and expectations, and take care of the execution, rigorously made-to-measure. Every creation always takes into account the architectural space and the context in which the idea is shaped, to offer creative and personalized solutions. In addition to wall decorations, the workshop also offers a customization service for furniture and interior design objects. Orsola Clerici, co-owner and co-founder of the studio, obtained in 2020 the title "MAM – Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere" by Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art.

Milan, Master, Jewelry

The atelier Ornella Bijoux was founded in Milan in 1944 by Piera Barni. A historic business with an incredible story, bridged into present days thanks to the talent and determination of Simona Scala, the third generation at the helm of the business. They create jewels with a vintage flavor, ofetn inspired by Art Nouveau, but also with a more contemporary taste, made up of original compositions of metals and Venetian stones, hand-painted ceramics and crystals, pearls and shells, as well as enamels, ropes, leather and feathers, mixed with freedom, harmony and originality. An all-female enterprise, where know-how and craftsmanship have been handed down from mother to daughter for almost 80 years now.

Rimini, Master, Decoration, Wood

Maurizio Betti is a master craftsman, owner of “La Bottega di Betti” in Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rimini). He inherited the interest in woodworking from his father Pasquale, who worked as a restorer in the Seventies.

Today he works with his partner Loredana Cangini, a professional decorator, and with his son Jonathan, to whom he taught the secrets of the craft: together they create, in their carpentry and restoration workshop, lacquered and finely decorated furniture, and they restore period furnishings.

But their greatest masterpieces are garden furnishings, and in particular the spectacular and colorful aviaries, nests and bird feeders: spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces, entirely handmade.

He participated in Homo Faber 2022 in Venice, with his "Lo Studiolo Ornitologico", diplayed in “Next of Europe” room. In the same year he was awarded with the title of “MAM - Maestro d'Arte e Mestiere”, by Fondazione Cologni.

Florence, Master, Silver

Laura Inghirami, journalist and advisor specialized in the jewelry sector, and Founder of Donna Jewel, interviewed, for the Cologni Foundation, the Master artisans who have been awarded as “MAM – Master of Arts and Crafts”, in the category: Jewelry - Silversmithing – Goldsmithing.

“The “fiaccherai” - says Master​​ Paolo Pagliai – were the old-time drivers of horse-drawn carriages. In the 40s, my father Orlando Pagliai, founder of the family company, used to give them his hand-written business cards to be distributed, and also to be known and find customers." This is the old-time, fascinating story of Paolo Pagliai, Florentine craftsman, awarded MAM - Master of Arts and Crafts, specialized in the production and processing of silverware, as well as in the restoration and the creation of unique pieces on request. Nowadays Pagliai’s silverware is a reference point of excellence, and it has been recognized as a prestigious Florentine Historical Business. "I'm Orlando Pagliai, the silversmith who worked at Rogai’s: if you need me, you will find me in Costa San Giorgio, 77" – as it was reported on those business cards.

Biella, Masters, Sculpture

Davide Furno is a true master of wax.
He was the first in Italy to give new life and dignity to wax modeling, thus recovering an ancient and completely forgotten technique: this is a discipline that, with the help of waxes, natural resins, plasters and powders, gives life to flowers and fruit, that can be combined into extraordinary compositions. With this process, and thanks to secret recipes he learned during years of study, research and experimentation, Davide Furno is able to create true masterpieces of still life, refined and hyper-realistic, which make any environment magical and poetic.

Milan, Master, Jewelry, Jewellery

Laura Inghirami, journalist and advisor specialized in the jewelry sector, and Founder of "Donna Jewel", nterviewed, for the Cologni Foundation, the Masters who have been acknowledged as “MAM – Master of Arts and Crafts”, in the category: Jewelry - Silversmithing - Goldsmithing.

We are in Corso Como, Milan, in ​​​​​Natsuko Toyofuku's Atelier, a sophisticated place where the distant charm of Japan meets Milan and Western culture, with experimentation and artistic ferment. Here Natsuko Toyofuku, awarded with the title of MAM - Master of Arts and Crafts, shows us her hand-crafted creations in bronze and silver, sometimes enlightened by colored enamels and unusual stones. Contemporary, sculptural works, always out of the box: Natsuko Toyofuku doesn’t want to conform to the rules of classic jewelry, she rather wants to overcome them.