August 2021
Florence, Exhibition, Ceramic, Communication
The XXVII edition of Artigianato e Palazzo, promoted by the Giardino Corsini Association and scheduled from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 September 2021, is renewed with an unprecedented and experiential edition that will involve the public in the Garden of the Corsini Palace...
August 2021
Milan, Exhibition, Ceramic
On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2021, the DcomeDesign association presents the exhibition “Sono tazza di te!”, curated by Anty Pansera and Patrizia Sacchi, that from 5 to 10 September 2021 will animate what was once the ceramic workshop in which Marieda di Stefano worked...
July 2021
sardenia, Conference, Ceramic, Textile
Artijanus/Artijanas, the experimental design and craft culture project continues its program, which began in December 2020, choosing the city of Orani: from 29 to 31 July
July 2021
Milan, Publishing, Ceramic
The new title of the successful series "Mestieri d'Arte", edited by Fondazione Cologni with Marsilio Editori, in distribution from July 2021 in all Italian and online bookstores. Terre. Italian artistic craftsmanship in contemporary ceramics is the latest research by Ugo La Pietra
June 2021
USA, Exhibition, Ceramic
Three objects from Diego Cibelli's Feed Me with Domestic Stuff series were acquired by the MAD - Museum of Arts and Design in New York to become an integral part of the permanent collection, a sign that made in Italy is still a distinctive quality appreciated all over the world.
June 2021
Prato, Exhibition, Textile
The new exhibition of the Textile Museum Foundation is a tribute to the history of opera and of the arts of the first twenty years of the twentieth century, where artistic, literary and musical scene was pervaded by the phenomenon of Orientalism.

Milan, Master, Ceramic

Antonino Negri (Lodi,) 1961: crafts his ceramic masterpieces in his workshop, “Terra Crea”. Earth, water, fire and air are the recurring primordial elements that permeate the archetypal forms of his production, where technical expertise and poetry merge. They are pure and perfect forms that tell ancient tales.

Faenza, Master, Ceramic

Victor Fotso Nyie was born in Cameroon in 1990. In 2010 he graduated from the Artistic Training Institute of Mbalmayo, in his native Country. In 2012 he came to Italy to attend a Mosaic course at the Ravenna Academy of Fine Arts. At the same time he became passionate about the ceramic language and in 2015 he obtained a diploma in Cesena as Technician for the design and prototyping of ceramic products. His artistic research led him to collaborate with several ceramic artists including Bertozzi & Casoni and Bottega Gatti. His talent has soon be noticed: he has already inaugurated a solo exhibition at the Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza. Victor is the winner of Artigiano del Cuore 2021 contest, and until 31 August it is possible to support his activity through a foundraising on: link to the gift network.

sardenia, Master, Fashion, Textile

The M&Dusa textile company, founded in the 1960s in Samugheo (Oristano) and taken over by Marcella and Daniela Sanna in 2004, is acknowledged for its rich production of textiles, inspired by the traditional Sardinian weaving techniques and motifs. Carpets, delicate curtains, precious tablecloths and fabrics are mainly intended for home furnishings and the hotel sector. The atelier boasts, among its clients, important hotels and resorts on the Costa Smeralda. An ancient textile art, which only the skilled hands of women can recreate, is expressed intact and precious in the M&Dusa textile workshop, a small, all-female reality.

Cantù, Master, Fashion, Textile, Lacework

Rita Bargna was born in 1942 in Como, but has almost always lived and worked in Cantù. She learned the art of bobbin lace from her mother at the age of 5, and then cultivated for over sixty years the passion for this discipline, both as a collector and as a creator of more than one hundred unique pieces. Rita Bargna is also proactive in teaching bobbin lace, and has directed some schools for the transmission of this noble and ancient art. In 1999 she founded and still presides over the Associazione Merletti d'Arte di Cantù.

Milan, Master, Music, Luthiery

The Milanese master luthier Carlo Chiesa is one of Italy’s finest craftsmen. Trained at the Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milan, he constructs modern and baroque bowed instruments in his renowned workshop. He combines this practical activity with the study of antique instruments and historical research into various questions regarding Italian instrument makers and their techniques. He also carries out an intense teaching activity and takes young people who want to improve their skills under his wing: in particular he welcomes the apprentices of the ‘A School, a Job. Training to Excellence’ project promoted by the Fondazione Cologni, facilitating the transmission of his expertise to new generations.

Udine, Master, Paper, binding

Eva Seminara has taken up the mantle of a bookbinder’s workshop founded in 1966 and located in Palazzo Brazzà, Udine. In 1999 she became its proprietor, with the desire to preserve the artisan atmosphere and expertise of the workshop, while adapting and modernising some of its equipment. Her liberal arts education and great love of books has led the artisan/artist to give them a new lease of life with refined bindings of a traditional character as well as in a contemporary style, through the utilization and insertion of unusual materials.

November 2021
Venice, Exhibition, Ceramic, Glass
The Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship is pleased to inform that the event "Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future", planned in Venice to promote and celebrate the most refined international artistic craftsmanship...