The presentation of the volume I talenti italiani. Mente, mano, macchina, published by Fondazione Cologni and Marsilio Editori and edited by Alba Cappellieri and Matteo Pirola of Milan Polytechnic, was held in the Salone d’Onore of Triennale Milano on 8 October last.

On the stage the authors held a conversation with Paolo Ulian and Livia Peraldo Matton, chaired by Alberto Cavalli, director of the Fondazione Cologni, on the importance of a book that looks not just at the history of the design, but also and above all at how this has involved a profound and fruitful dialogue with the crafts. Present in the hall, in full respect of the rules of the health emergency, enthusiasts, the curious and designers, including Giulio Iacchetti, Lorenzo Damiani and Sonia Pedrazzini.

A moment of meeting and discussion on highly topical and continually evolving themes: the relationship between artisan and designer, how design has approached the realm of the crafts and how these two worlds have been able to tap into one another in a synergic, contemporary and innovative way.
All those attending the event were given a copy of the volume, which is now on sale in bookshops and online.