The title of MAM (‘Master of Arts and Crafts’), established by the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte in collaboration with ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine, will be awarded for the third time.

An unprecedented tribute to Italian craftsmen and women, active in 22 different categories of the arts and crafts: from ceramics to jewellery to woodworking and furniture, from metalworking to mechanics to mosaic, from leatherworking to fine art printing to restoration to weaving... and all the way to the trades of fine cuisine and the art of hospitality.

The aim of this initiative is to create an independent qualification of ‘Master of Arts and Crafts’, overcoming a grave deficiency in the Italian system, in order to promote and draw the attention of the general public and the media to the extraordinary work of some of the more significant protagonists of our artistic handicrafts.

Seventy-eight new Masters of Arts and Crafts will be inserted in the symbolic Golden Book of artisan excellence, adding to the list of over 150 names that currently bear witness to a wholly Italian world of know-how.

Hosted since the outset in the splendid setting of the Triennale di Milan, the award ceremony of the prestigious mark of recognition will have an entirely digital guise this year and will be transmitted on the website at 6.30 pm on 26 October. With the best wishes of Franco Cologni (president of the Fondazione Cologni) and Enzo Malanca (president and CEO of ALMA), we will be celebrating once again the many ‘intelligent hands’ that make every part of our peninsula a treasure trove of beauty and craft know-how.