On May 21, the exhibition "Essere V_mano" curated by Elena Agosti was inaugurated at Palazzo Meizlik in Aquileia. The 55 artisans from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region have been selected to portray an ideal local journey, to discover the crafts of the territory, between tradition and innovation, through art and know-how.

Thanks to the artisans’ ability to give life to the objects they create, their soul is also transmitted to matter through creation, like a demiurge in the Genesis. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to “Doppia Firma”, the project by Fondazione Cologni and Living Corriere della Sera, presented by the Michelangelo Foundation, which in its 5 editions has well illustrated, through unique pieces, the fruitful dialogue between craftsmanship and design.