On the occasion of Homo Faber 2022, the Cologni d Foundation is called upon to curate, in the evocative setting of the Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi, with the set-up of the apml architecture firm, the exhibition dedicated to the "marvellous liaisons" between Italy and Japan, celebrated through an extraordinary selection of works by great Italian artisans inspired in various ways by Japanese art, aesthetics and traditions.

These special relationships, historically attested, are still alive and fertile, as demonstrated by the works on display, the result of the mastery, talent and design expertise of 19 exceptional Italian masters and ateliers, selected by the Foundation on the basis of their indisputable expertise. and adherence to the theme of the works presented. A theme that finds here many and often surprising variations. The homage to Japan is variously articulated, based on themes, inspirations, materials, decorations, typologies, processing techniques, which give life to works full of quotes and a set of highly personal reinterpretations.

Many of the most representative sectors and materials of Italian fine craftsmanship are represented: from wood to silver, from glass to porcelain to fabric, from the Florentine commesso to coral to lacquer, from mirrors to mosaics, from ceramics to metals and papier-mâché, from illustration to puppetry. In some cases, the works are born from the collaboration with some Japanese masters.

A true gallery of masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship, whose creators have been able to pay a tribute of intense charm to Japanese art, declining its great lesson in the name of excellence and originality.