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We have important projects for the near future: to increase the number of our young apprentices, to reinforce academic research and publishing activity, to organize events that allow master artisans to have a better visibility, to establish partnerships on an international level to better promote Italian excellent artisanship.


Are you a private individual?

Make a difference: help us support master artisans with a donation.


Donate with PayPal to help us achieve our goals. .


Donate with PayPal


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Donate your 5x1000

With the 5x1000, in the tax return phase, you can indicate the tax code of the Cologni Foundation: 97155080159.


With this small gesture you can help promote concretely our activities in favor of excellent artistic craftsmanship: publications, cultural events, exhibitions, initiatives for young talented artisans and much more.


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Are you a company?


You can help the Cologni Foundation to finance more and more remunerated apprenticeships for talented young people, supporting the “A School, a job. Training to Excellence” project.


We offer to these young girls and boys a specific master on contemporary craftsmanship, and six months of remunerated apprenticeship under the guidance of an experienced Master craftsman, who will thus bridge his or her knowhow safely into the future.


With your support, we can encourage new generations to embrace the metiers d’art, thus ensuring a better future for our talented, precious master artisans.


Adopting a young apprentice is easy: a donation of € 5,000 to the Cologni Foundation will cover the costs. The donation is deductible from the tax return.


Adopt an apprentice