On 8 November, at the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice, in the Sala degli Arazzi, the latest editorial project by Michelangelo Foundation with the Cologni Foundation (published by Marsilio) was presented: Venetian Way, a photographic volume written and illustrated by Susanna Pozzoli. Susanna Pozzoli is here an all-round author, having worked both as a photographer and as a writer of texts: short stories of her professional and human experiences, lived in the time spent in the 21 workshops and artisan enterprises of excellence, special protagonists of this work. During the presentation, moderated by the Director General of the Cologni Foundation Alberto Cavalli, the author discussed with the Vice President of Marsilio Editori Emanuela Bassetti, the General Secretary of the Giorgio Cini Foundation Renata Codello, the Director of Venetian Heritage Toto Bergamo Rossi and the art historian Federica Muzzarelli. The artist revealed how she tiptoed into these workshops, which she lived and interpreted with her eyes eneamoured with artisan know-how, and which she presented in short and very personal texts, very intense and engaging, capturing from time to time different aspects. The presentation was also a moment of reflection on the importance of crafts, on tradition and know-how, with a look to the future and the need to safeguard professions that are in danger of disappearing.


Susanna Pozzoli Book Venetian Way