On November 16, the last exhibition of the Fondazione Cologni's "Mestieri d'Arte & Design. Crafts Culture" cycle was inaugurated in the Quadreria space of the Triennale Milano. After the Milanese wonders of "Mirabilia", the music of the glass of "Vitrea" and the archetype of the vase of "Fittile", the prodigy of fabric sculptures and art ceramics of "Metafore Roberto Capucci: meraviglie della forma”, curated by journalist Gian Luca Bauzano, was inaugurated.

The exhibition traces some key moments in the work of the couturier: a fascinating journey to discover the creativity of an artist who is a symbol of Made in Italy. In Capucci the tailor, the designer and the craftsman come together, in the name of continuous experimentation. Here 50 of his 70 years of activity are presented: an adventure that kicks off in 1951, the year in which Italian fashion was born, of which the Maestro is one of the fathers. Forerunner of the concept of clothing as an expression of art, absolute talent and a tireless researcher, Capucci is still a contemporary genius today. The exhibition stems from the unprecedented dialogue between the creations in fabric, his designs, real and often futuristic projects, and the vases of Rometti, Italian artisan excellence in the world of ceramics, inspired by his work.

The collaboration with Rometti, which boasts an unparalleled Umbrian ceramic tradition, was born from a meeting of minds and hearts that took place on the Roman terrace of the Maestro. This is how Massimo Monini, CEO of Rometti, remembers the moment: "The ability to read inside Capucci, his extreme artistic lucidity, his love for beauty and Rometti's unique history were the fertile ground on which this relationship flourished, bringing perfumes unprecedented and challenges that inebriate the garden of life with new lymph”. The prodigious metaphors in silk and pleats and the ceramic shapes inspired by them tell a story of timeless beauty and craftsmanship.