Franco Vigorito and Luca Cagnola turned their common passion in their job. In their Milanese laboratory, with shop windows on the street, they painstakingly work at the restoration of wooden furniture both antique and modern: from precious Maggiolinis to more ordinary pieces of furniture. They also cooperate with the Superintendence for important restoration interventions.

The Cologni Foundation discovered this reality thanks to Brevimano, who realized the first narrative “pill” of a series to tell a story about Italian excellent craftsmanship. Brevimano is a new start up that aims to revive youth employment in the Italian artisan sector. Firstly, it aims to change the negative stereotypes that characterises the artisan sector with an innovative communication campaign on social media. Secondly, it is building the first job-hunting network exclusively for the artisan sector, with a focus on apprenticeship and internships. Young people do not perceive working in the artisan sector as valid job careers in today’s fast-changing world: they deem them as old and outdated. Brevimano wants to turn upside down this perspective and it strongly believes that an initiative started by young people for young people is the best way to achieve this goal.