Up to November 24th, 2013
Padiglione Venezia, Biennale

Three Venetian companies leaders in the production of artisanal precious fabrics: Bevilacqua, Fortuny and Rubelli, met the creativity of six artists, to realise six exclusive works on the occasion of the 55th International Biennale of Art in Venice.
In the Venice Pavilion, the curator of Silk map Renzo Dubbini wanted to pay homage to the original vocation of the structure, built to house the excellence in the applied arts, but also to the city of Venice, which was, in the past, a benchmark in the trade of precious fabrics, with commercial basis from Byzantium to Persia and the Middle East, and later became also a centre of production of manufactured goods with such a quality to be exported even to Constantinople.

The artists AES+F, Anahita Razmi, Marya Kazoun, Mimmo Roselli, Marialuisa Tadei and Yiqing Yin Yin, coordinated by the artistic director Ewald Stastny, have therefore asked these Venetian maîtres d'art to work with very old patterns and traditional tecniques, mixing them with the most modern techniques and materials.

Interactive and moving installations, sculptures made of threads, cages of ropes, photographic works will show the possible artistic uses of silks, velvets, lampasses, brocades and damasks woven with absolute expertise.