May 7th through October 31st 2014

The exhibition “Emilio Pucci and Como, 1950 - 1980”, curated by Margherita Rosina and Francina Chiara, has been recently inaugurated at Textile Museum Studio of Villa Sucota in Como. The exhibition explores the connections between Pucci, the city of Como and its textile factories, a collaboration that began in the '50s and never stopped in the following decades.
The typical themes by Pucci are reviewed, from the sea of Capri, to the ski resorts of the Alps, the Palio of Siena, the Sicilian traditions, the beauties of Florence. On display textile samples, original drawings by Pucci, test-samples, accessories and clothing, that document the work in progress of the products; and moreover, dresses and foulards along with the photos that made them famous.