January 2018
Milan, Exhibition, Watchmaking
In celebration of its newly added rooms (an initiative dubbed L'arte merita più spazio – Art deserves more space), Museo Poldi Pezzoli in Milan is presenting "Il tempo degli orologi", an exhibition dedicated to time and its measurement, organised with the invaluable support of Orologeria Pisa.
January 2018
Padova, Exhibition, Fashion
The history and evolution of fashion over the centuries is reflected in a tiny accessory that has been moulded since ancient times to mirror the trends and artistic styles of the moment, from classicism and baroque to Art Nouveau, art deco, pop art and surrealism: the button.
January 2018
Milan, Exhibition, Ceramic
The manual skill of the ceramicist Sandro da Boit has given three-dimensionality to the lively creativity of Ugo La Pietra. The artistic objects on display at the exhibition "Ceramiche mediterranee" hosted by Galleria Fatto ad Arte in Milan embody the relation between design culture and craft culture; they reinterpret and renew Italy's rich tradition in artisanal ceramics.
January 2018
Milan, Exhibition, Fashion
A brave, talented woman motivated by noble ideals: Rosa Genoni was a pioneer in Italian fashion and an advocate for peace and human rights. Her life story is told in an exhibition in the rooms of Archivio di Stato di Milano.
January 2018
Rome, Prize, Communication
Applications are open to artisans, artists and creative enthusiasts: the 9th craftsmanship competition organised by the association Il Sapere delle Mani is currently underway. This year's contest has two sections: general artistic craftsmanship and jewellery.
January 2018
London, Exhibition, Opera
The Victoria and Albert Museum in London presents the exhibition Opera: Passion, Power and Politics which recreates the centennial emotion of opera, combining all the arts in a final act of greatness and splendour.

Nuoro, Design, Metal

Nuoro, Sardinia. Bottega Artigiana Metalli (BAM) is a metal workshop based on a novel idea: to craft contemporary objects using ancient manual techniques. Here, metal is used as a structural element, but revisited in its tactile, textural aspects for results that combine art, craft and design. Vittorio Bruno is masterfully marrying the artisanal tradition he inherited from his father, who continues to work in the atelier with him and his brother, to contemporary design objects, interior design and experimental lighting. The innovative and modern results reflect a love of manual work and expert craftsmanship.

Vanessa Cavallaro è una giovane artigiana, specializzata nell’antica arte della glittica alla ruota. Fin da bambina frequenta il laboratorio di famiglia e, dopo aver compiuto il ciclo di studi al liceo artistico e successivamente allo IED-Istituto Europeo di Design, nel 1993 apre il suo laboratorio. Nel 2000 partecipa all’11° Salon décoration et jardin, nel Principato di Monaco e nel 2016 viene insignita del premio MAM-Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere della Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte

Venice, Designers, Design, Glass

Fabio Fornasier, is a master glassmaker from Murano: his chandelier LUMurano is certainly his most admired and acknowledged creation, thanks to the masterfully crafted glass elements that seem to be always in movement, changing aspect according to the view point of the observer.

Milan, Masters, Jewellery

Ornella Bijoux - an all-female success story made of talent, courage, competence and beauty - has dominated the scene of costume jewellery for 70 years. Maria Vittoria Albani Scala reveals how, together with her mother Piera Albani, she has managed to establish an atelier of world renown, creating costume jewellery for the big names of fashion, from Céline and Swarovski to Borbonese and Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan, Designers

Roberto Sironi is a young Italian designer. After graduating in design at Milan’s Politecnico, where he still works, he developed his style by investigating materials and the possibilities to work on them, reaching remarkable results. He presented his works in various exhibitions in Italy and Europe. In 2015 he received the Honorable mention at the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award and his projects have been exhibited in New Delhi and Buenos Aires, within the travelling exhibition of Triennale Design Museum.

Milan, Masters, Saddlers

Aurelio Mutinelli, Selleria Pariani’s President, tells us the story of his company: a long-standing Milanese institution that created the world’s first modern saddle.