April 2017
Milan, Exhibition, Design
Rediscovering lapis specularis, an almost forgotten material from the age of the romans meets contemporary design in the project of Davide G. Aquini and Apuana Corporate
March 2017
Milan, Publishing, Communication
On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Milan Design Week, the 15th issue of the magazine Mestieri d’Arte & Design, dedicated to the promotion of arts and crafts and design culture, will come out with a new look.
March 2017
Milano, Conference, Craft, Education
Conference on the challenges for the education in craft: Wednesday 5 april 2017 at Consulate General of the Netherlands in Milan
March 2017
Milan, Communication
The School of Applied Arts of Castello Sforzesco in Milan announces a public notice for the creation of a list of candidates for the position of Director-Teacher of the School.
February 2017
Milan, Conference, Jewelry
On Monday March 6, in the Sala del Collezionista of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Italian Club degli Orafi (Goldsmiths' Club) will organise a conference on the occasion of the exhibition “Italian Jewelry on the 20th century”.
February 2017
France, Prize, Communication, Food, Mosaic
The awarding ceremony, organized by the Centre du Luxe et de la Création to celebrate ten talents particularly active in the categories that compose contemporary luxury (Audacity, Well-being, Elegance, Harmony, Innovation, Inventiveness, Originality, Rarity and Seductiveness) has arrived to its 14th edition.

Florence, Silver

Lorenzo Foglia represents the third generation of one of the most important families of silversmiths in Florence, active since 1935.

Milan, Masters, Fashion, Tailoring, Textile

In her Atelier in Via San Marco, Milan, Nicoletta Caraceni (daughter of great abruzzese tailor Ferdinando Caraceni) together with her équipe revives her father’s heritage with passion and dedication.

Vicenza, Design, Glass

The poetic and sculptural glass creations of this young talent are the expression of a sheer and elegant style, a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

Venice, Decoration, Fashion, Tailoring, Textile

The Bevilacqua family preserves and continues the ancient and precious tradition of hand-weaving on looms of the 18th century that Emanuele, Mario’s son and Luigi’s descendent, still uses to create beautiful and graceful fabrics.

Chiavari, Design, Wood

The Levaggi brothers have been crafting Chiavari chairs since 1963. The family heritage has now been passed on to Gabriele and Paolo, who pursue and innovate this ancient tradition with new shapes and models.

Milan, Wood

Carlo Apollo is a creative artisan that gives ancient wood a new life, creating real art pieces. His panels and floors are “tailor-made” to suit the desires of his various clients. Carlo Apollo is on the new website dedicated to the Italian excellent artisans, created by the Cologni Foundation and Whomade.