May 2019
Milan, Concert
The Milan-based festival of early music organised by the Noema Association in partnership with Fondazione Cologni, has reached its seventh edition.
May 2019
Milan, Exhibition, Ceramic
Milan’s Officine Saffi, a well-known gallery specialising in contemporary authorial ceramic works, presents "A Thing of Beauty. The Heterogeneous Nature of Matter", a collective exhibition of eleven art ceramists, from several different generations, active from the 1950s until now.
May 2019
Milan, Exhibition, Ceramic
The Pandora Artiste Ceramiste Association invites you to take part in the travelling exhibition "Chawan, le stagioni del tè", (Chawan, the Seasons of Tea), involving 150 Italian and foreign artists.
May 2019
Nove, Exhibition, Ceramic
In occasione dei novant'anni di Alessio Tasca il Museo Civico della Ceramica "Giuseppe De Fabris" di Nove (VI) ha realizzato una mostra dedicata alla produzione giovanile dell'artista ceramista: i piatti graffiti realizzati tra il 1948 e il 1951 per la Tasca Artigiani Ceramisti.
April 2019
Milan, Communication
Help us support the Italian artistic crafts with a simple donation.
April 2019
Milan, Exhibition, Ceramic
From 17 to 19 May, within the context of "Buongiorno Ceramica", the Associazione Pandora (Ceramic Artists Pandora Association) is organising the “Matres Week” event throughout Italian and European cities boasting an ancient ceramics tradition.

Masters, Paper, Restauration

Lidiana Miotto, born in Padua but now living in Lecce, is the only representative of the unique craft of papier-mache restoration in Italy. After achieving a qualification from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage enabling her to operate on their behalf, she moved to Lecce, Apulia, where she founded the Centre for Paper Restoration. Living in a town world-acknowledged for the excellence of its papier-mache creations, Lidiana Miotto is now reclaiming those antique artworks which had undergone extensive renovations over time.

Milan, Masters, Paper, Sculpture

Caterina Crepax was born in Milan in 1964, the heir to a family profoundly connected to art. She grew up in an evocative, imaginative and creative environment, which would prove a crucial asset in her education and training. But Caterina has always been an impassioned lover of paper. The daughter of world-famous artist Guido Crepax, she inherited her father’s great manual skills and imagination which led her to create an entire three-dimensional structure out of a paper leaf.

Milan, Masters, Ceramic, Glass, Wood

Hands on Design, a brand founded in 2015 by Kaori Shiina and Riccardo Nardi, creates, produces and commercialises its high craftsmanship design products within a network including, to this day, about 30 artisans and craft businesses and 110 international designers.

Milan, Masters, Ceramic

On the path of her personal and professional life, Gabriella Sacchi embodies the image of the craftswoman and designer combining creativity and savoir-faire at the highest level. In 1981, she established her Spazio Nibe laboratory, where, to this day, she has been engaged in ceramics sculpture while also pursuing cultural, research and promotional activities in the field of contemporary ceramics. In 2018, she was acknowledged the MAM-Maestro d'arte e Mestiere award, granted by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, in collaboration with ALMA.

Venice, Masters, gold, Jewellery

Master Marino Menegazzo is the current owner of the Venetian historical craft workshop Mario Berta Battiloro. The workshop was founded in 1969, with the aim to continue the ancient family trade established in 1926.

Venice, Masters, Fashion, Lacework

Born in Burano, near Venice, where she is living, Lucia Costantini has been crafting needle lace since she was a child when she learned the ancient secrets of the art from the women in her family. A talented craftswoman, she designs the graphic projects for her works on her own and turns them into traditional white or innovatively multicoloured lace.