January 2018
London, Exhibition, Opera
The Victoria and Albert Museum in London presents the exhibition Opera: Passion, Power and Politics which recreates the centennial emotion of opera, combining all the arts in a final act of greatness and splendour.
December 2017
Rome, Prize, Communication
New honours bestowed upon the Foundation's president, Franco Cologni: a medal of merit from the UFBJOP in Paris, and the “Università degli Orafi” prize from the Nobil Collegio degli Orafi in Rome.
December 2017
Montelupo, Exhibition, Ceramic
"Materia Montelupo" displays the results of a residency for nine contemporary Italian artists. For several weeks, they worked alongside artisans employed by ten of the city's ceramics companies and ateliers.
December 2017
Rome, Exhibition, Jewellery
The way we look at jewellery is usually with an eye for aesthetics. We seek out the beauty it transmits. But what lies behind its construction? The exhibition "Corpo, Movimento, Struttura. Contemporary Jewellery and its Construction" explores the structural side of jewellery, where complexity, idea and form meet.
December 2017
Caltagirone, Exhibition, Ceramic
An exhibition of artistic ceramics made by Nicolò Morales (Caltagirone, 1973) inaugurated at Museo Diocesano in Caltagirone, Sicily on 10 December 2017.
November 2017
Milan, Exhibition, Jewelry
Only for the 1 and 2 December Villa Mozart, a beautiful, private Villa in the heart of Milan will be opened to visitors.

Venice, Designers, Design, Glass

Fabio Fornasier, is a master glassmaker from Murano: his chandelier LUMurano is certainly his most admired and acknowledged creation, thanks to the masterfully crafted glass elements that seem to be always in movement, changing aspect according to the view point of the observer.

Milan, Masters, Jewellery

Ornella Bijoux - an all-female success story made of talent, courage, competence and beauty - has dominated the scene of costume jewellery for 70 years. Maria Vittoria Albani Scala reveals how, together with her mother Piera Albani, she has managed to establish an atelier of world renown, creating costume jewellery for the big names of fashion, from Céline and Swarovski to Borbonese and Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan, Designers

Roberto Sironi is a young Italian designer. After graduating in design at Milan’s Politecnico, where he still works, he developed his style by investigating materials and the possibilities to work on them, reaching remarkable results. He presented his works in various exhibitions in Italy and Europe. In 2015 he received the Honorable mention at the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award and his projects have been exhibited in New Delhi and Buenos Aires, within the travelling exhibition of Triennale Design Museum.

Milan, Masters, Saddlers

Aurelio Mutinelli, Selleria Pariani’s President, tells us the story of his company: a long-standing Milanese institution that created the world’s first modern saddle.

Milan, ceramics

Elio Cristiani is a Milanese ceramicist specialised in Raku, a Japanese pottery process. After a career working as marketing director, he decided to turn his life around and follow his passion for ceramics. In his workshop in Milan he creates unique products, such as Raku shaving brushes, and holds Raku, Grés, Paper Clay and Kintsugi classes.

Milan, Designers, Design

Marta Sala is a Milanese design editor. Following in the footsteps of her uncle Luigi Caccia Dominioni and her mother Maria Teresa Tosi, who founded Azucena in 1947, she proposes her own collections that blend refined design with the Italian artisanal knowhow.