"In the early 1960s, I painted pictures and did quick writing that, on the canvases, formed fantastic landscapes. I still draw my signs today in the search for a ‘territoriality’ of my own that is increasingly residual, where I can cultivate my desires… These traces are disappearing, the memory of past experiences, pages from a diary of an explorer of the urban outskirts, of territories and landscapes patiently cultivated in a pot": with these words, Ugo La Pietra, artist, architect, designer, teacher and tireless experimenter summarizes a life spent in a constant artistic and intellectual quest. 

The exhibition, at LeoGalleries in Monza, curated by Simona Cesana, aims to have “territoriality” as its focus, a topic which has always been dear to Ugo La Pietra and it does so through works created with different media: canvases, drawings, pottery engraved by hand and painted. La Pietra’s sign is unique and distinctive, a continuous rewriting of the reality the artist has observed and passed through. It is an occasion to come into closer contact with the more intimate and characteristic side of this extraordinary and multifaceted artist.