The project ‘A&D – Crafts and Design. Workshops of the Arts and Crafts and Ceramics on Line’ was launched in these days in the framework of the announcement of a competition by the Veneto Region, with the aim of helping enterprises to make the most of their traditional heritage and supporting workshops in the creation of a ‘distributed museum’ – physical or virtual – that will establish a network for the rediscovery of the cultural and professional heritage of the Veneto. Fifteen ateliers in the province of Vicenza have been involved, with a focus on the ceramic production in the area of Bassano del Grappa and Nove and on artistic goldwork in Vicenza. The operation is conducted by ECIPA, a training centre of the CNA (Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato), in collaboration with numerous network partners, including the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte. In fact Alberto Cavalli, general director of Fondazione Cologni, is taking part in the project, giving lectures to the companies on the subject of Italian beauty and the crafts. Elena Agosti is the coordinator of the project, which will last for a year and comprise business training, meetings of master craftsmen and craftswomen with pupils at schools, events open to the public, focus groups and exhibitions, under the organizational supervision of Marco Troncon. 

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