To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Starhotels entrusts designer Sara Ricciardi with the creation of Phoenix, a precious room fragrance-burner, a design object, a perfumer and a sculpture together, which represents the ideal combination of design and high craftsmanship. A work resulting from the work of three Italian ateliers of the highest level, symbols of Italian excellence in the world: Silver Tre in Milan, Fornace Mian in Murano and Diletta Tonatto in Turin. "The whole imagery of packaging makes use of the chromatic gradations of sunrise and sunset. Because setting also means rising: every end brings with it the beginning. The goal is to give this great symbol of transformation and vital energy to accompany the daily rebirth in beauty and light ", commented Sara Ricciardi. Phoenix in fact collects the very spirit of "The Great Beauty", the project promoted by Starhotels, in collaboration with Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, OMA Association and Gruppo Editoriale.


fragranziere Sara Ricciardi