The social communication campaign curated by Officine Millennial for the MAM-Maestro d'Arte e Mestiere project has kicked off. On the occasion of the titles awarded in this 2022, the team of Davide Burchiellaro, journalism and communication expert and CEO of the start-up Officine Millennial, made video reels interviewing some of the winning masters of arts and crafts entered in the Golden Book of the Cologni Foundation. The theme of the reels is the eulogy of the hand: «Would you like to try it too?», the master artisans say, addressing the social media audience. Artisans of communication, tailors of the word and professionals of empathetic video storytelling, the experts of Officine Millennial tell the story of excellence on, an online magazine that studies the generations through points of view that include emotions, consumer trends, ways of speaking and 'feeling'. Starting from the awareness that every Italian is a bit of an artisan, Officine Millennial's communication strategy also aims at strengthening the relationship between masters and followers with a MAM-CLOUD, where videos made by passionate people, amateur artisans or aspiring students of schools of excellence in the field of trades and arts are published. Enjoy!