We have reached the goal of the fundraising campaign in favor of Victor Fotso Nyie, winner of the Artigiano del Cuore contest - 2021 Edition. The money raised will serve as support his activity in Faenza, where he opened his atelier last year.

The 2021 edition of the Artigiano del Cuore competition was dedicated to artisans between 18 and 35, who had "opened a shop" in the previous 3 years, to support new businesses led by the young masters. As it had already been in 2020, to give a concrete help after the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the competition included a special prize: a fundraising campaign in support of the winner’s business.

With the generous contribution of 65 donors, the fundraising in favor of Victor Fotso Nyie was a real success: the sum achieved will allow the young ceramic artist to continue his work in his Faenza studio with more serenity, financing the purchase of raw materials and a high-temperature kiln, as he declared in the application phase, helping him in this way to face an expense otherwise difficult to bear in such an uncertain moment. Victor will also be offered an exhibition space at the "Fatti ad Arte" exhibition in Biella, in October 2021, in which three finalists of the 2021 contest will also participate on this occasion: the ceramist Lorenza Bessone, the leather craftsman Jacopo Guasti and the weaver Elena. Sueri. We sincerely thank all those who believed in Victor's talent and who helped support his work and projects.

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