Starhotels is presenting the CLORIS tableware collection, an homage to the self perpetuating beauty of nature, and the PHOENIX fragrance diffuser, a sculptural item that symbolises vital energy, in the baroque treasure trove of Palazzo Litta. The two creations come courtesy of designer Sara Ricciardi, Art Director of the project La Grande Bellezza The Dream Factory by Starhotels. With a spectacular installation in Palazzo Litta’s Sala Esedra, Starhotels’ Italian know how initiative for the first time takes to the stage of an unrivalled international showcase for creativity, showing the world the products of a successful partnership of culture and high craftsmanship.


CLORIS, the inspired tableware collection: an attainable dream. Designer Sara Ricciardi has conceived a blown glass collection comprising plates, glasses, vases and stands, for composing an engaging Spring table. A high quality tablecloth embroidered with multi-coloured linen petals completes and sets off the beauty of the pieces. Ricciardi involved two jewels of high Italian craftsmanship in production: Vetrarti is a Treviso based company with an international reputation for making high quality glass and Tessilarte is a historic Florentine fine household linen company. PHOENIX, the fragranziere: a sculptural container, an obtainable desire. To celebrate the major milestone of its 40th anniversary, Starhotels also chose to entrust Sara Ricciardi with creating a fragrance diffuser.The Phoenix is the mysterious mythological bird that is reborn from its ashes every 500 years: the one that Starhotels wanted has been reincarnated as a captivating creation resulting from the know how of three outstanding Italian studios: the Turin perfume house Diletta Tonatto, the Mian furnace in Murano and With the Silver Tre metal workshop based in Milan. The installation in Palazzo Litta, under the direction of Sara Ricciardi, draws on the special collaboration of some examples of Italian artisanal excellence: Viabizzuno for the lighting; Karpeta+Texturae for wallpapers and carpets; Broggi for cutlery; TC Group for the audiovisual system.



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Elisabetta Fabri, President & CEO Starhotels, Courtesy Starhotels.