Artijanus/Artijanas, the experimental design and craft culture project promoted and supported by Fondazione di Sardegna, under the scientific and artistic direction of Triennale Milano, the operational direction of Innois s.r.l., the collaboration of the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte and the organizational management and event management of Tools s.r.l., continues its program, which began in December 2020, choosing the city of Orani: from 29 to 31 July the curators appointed by Triennale will animate the city with lectures and discussions, in a program of events organized in 3 thematic sections: crafts and local development with an eye to urban regeneration, artistic craftsmanship and contemporary design, community experiences through art and craftsmanship.



The first section is intimately linked to the question of living in small towns, where there is a close relationship between the "know-how" and the communities of reference, a topic that will be discussed by the President of Triennale Milano, Stefano Boeri. The second section, curated by Alberto Cavalli and Roberta Morittu, focuses on the artisan, real "living treasure", whose ethical vocation is to work on quality, on details, on the ability to best interpret the design visions, with a focus on experimentation, techniques, materials and territories. Finally, the third section aims to bring out the cultural and cohesive, as well as economic, role of handicrafts. Being a community is in fact one of the most basic themes of typical craftsmanship and contemporary design, and can reach a significant resonance in the encounter with an artist/ designer.