Fondazione Cologni and Valore Impresa Italia have embarked on a collaboration to develop a programme of studies devoted to restoration of the applied arts: a moment of exchange of ideas and a challenge to enhance and promote the training of the artisans of the future. 


The sharing of themes like the importance of handing on expertise and stimulating talent creates a synergic relationship in the identification of specific approaches of an experimental character to planning, research, innovation and dissemination of craft culture in future generations. ‘The young teach us this: that great beauty lies in their eyes, and passes necessarily through their hands. Let us cultivate them with care, for they are the ones who are going to shape the beauty of tomorrow.’ The words of Franco Cologni are the ideal starting point for a working group that has common objectives: promoting advanced training and development in the sphere of conservation and restoration of works of art, with particular attention to contemporary art, design and the applied arts, setting up dedicated training programmes and favouring a synergetic collaboration with local organizations and institutions in order to facilitate the acceptance of students and the development of opportunities and services on their behalf.