The Festival dell'Ascensione, organized by the Noema association in collaboration with Fondazione Cologni, has reached its eighth edition: internationally renowned ensembles of Early Music alternate in three weekly concerts and a lecture. The appointment this year is from 30 May to 20 June, in two locations: the basilica of San Calimero and the church of Santa Maria Segreta, in Milan. The artistic proposal is wide and specific: in particular the Ensemble 400 will give occasion to consider the origins of European music, proposing a path between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries in which the "music of the spheres" of Pythagoras is the thread of texts, relationships interval, polyphonic relationships, intonations, and so on until the fifteenth century. The aim of the Association is to bring to the public a repertoire of ancient tradition, fascinating and poetic at the same time.