"Now we have to look ahead. It is important now to get ready to start again, to start being together again, our cities, everything that is beautiful, good and done well that flourishes in every corner of Italy. ApritiModa will be the celebration of the new start.” Since 2017 the event ApritiModa, for only one weekend in the year, has let the public discover the most hidden and secret places of the world of Fashion: headquarters and ateliers. Places where creativity, design and savoir-faire, the greatest expression of Italian best production, are nestled. Now in its fourth year, the event, conceived and organised by Cinzia Sasso, also aims to be the new starting point for craftspeople, who will open the doors of their workshops, ateliers and firms to a public who is curious and attentive to what is well made and know-how. Opening the doors of both celebrated and more confidential maisons means offering an extraordinary occasion to see the beauty and uniqueness of these places at first hand, but above all it means allowing direct communication between the public and the behind the scenes of creation. ApritiModa is a journey in Italy to discover places where expertise becomes beauty.

For more information: www.apritimoda.it