"We need a future made to measure for us.”
 OMA Association, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte and Gruppo Editoriale
invite to start again from Italian excellent knowhow.

The portal dedicated to bespoke superior craftsmanship in Italy (www.italia-sumisura.it) is launching the use on social networks of the hashtag #ichoosemadeinitaly.

The campaign, featuring portraits of craftspeople, aims at promoting a fully-fledged movement and lay the foundations for the relaunch of fine Italian craftsmanship. The universe of artistic trades has an immense wealth of knowhow, of skill and creativity. It represents the soul of Italy and its most important heritage. From here it could be to create a bespoke future respectful of our rhythms and of those of the Planet.

The project invites beauty connoisseurs, as well as those who believe in authentic values, to support the importance of excellent artisanship. You only have to share the contents of the campaign on your social networks or publish posts which are in the same spirit and relaunch the hashtag #ioscelgomadeinitaly / #ichoosemadeinitaly. A new start based on excellent Italian artistic craftsmanship can bring together all the great components of Italiant top production, from fashion to design, from wine and food to hospitality: the heart of a unique country, with its world-acknowledged style.