The documentary videos shot by Brevimano, featuring the winners of the Wellmade contest, which ended on 9 April last, are now online. The categories competing during the first edition were “Furnishing and Decorating” and “Dressing and Adorning”. The winners are Fabrizio Travisanutto from Travisanutto Mosaics and Sandro Barbera & Sons.

Fabrizio Travisanutto, a Master of the age-old mosaic technique, inherited the trade from his father Giovanni, a Master mosaicist from Friuli who has achieved great renown both in Italy and abroad. Fabrizio is now continuing his father's trade with great passion and dedication. The family business, based in Spilimbergo, creates large-scale mosaics featuring both sacred and secular subjects in marvellous mosaic cycles combining tradition and modernity. They are working for religious buildings in Italy and abroad, for underground networks (such as the famous decoration for New York's underground) and embassies worldwide.

Sandro Barbera boasts 50 years' passionate work in the bespoke shoe industry, a trade he has passed down to his son, who is now working alongside him with the same enthusiasm and pride. Customised and customisable shoes: the atelier caters to each client's requirements, ranging from classic to extravagant patterns, from elegant to casual, from monochrome to colourful, always made with great skill and attention to the minutest detail, still following in the steps of an excellence family tradition.
Beautiful family stories about talent and artisan skills, stories about passion within the all-Italian tradition of beauty and well-made craftmanship.