Artijanus/Artijanas is an experimental project of design and craft culture promoted and supported by the Fondazione di Sardegna. The aim of the initiative is to bring the different sectors of the crafts together around a wide-ranging programme of activities and practices intended, on the one hand, to draw attention to the cultural and economic role played by the crafts, and on the other to stimulate the industry to take another look at its modes of production and get them to work together in order to generate innovation and new opportunities for growth. aja_site.jpg

Artijanus/Artijanas is also an invitation to reassess the possibilities offered by the smaller centres of Sardinia in which there is a close relationship between ‘know-how’ and the local community. The first open call made to craft enterprises in the textile and ceramic sectors based in Sardinia that wish to participate in the Residences Programme came to an end on 15 January 2021. The programme, developed by Fondazione Cologni, partner of the project, involves designers of national and international standing, who will work with the artisans on the creation of pieces or small collections, authentic ‘goods’ capable of uniting functionality and symbolic significance and permitting a reappraisal of the invaluable interconnections of the region without renouncing a gentle shift towards sustainable and ethical innovation.

On the agenda too, workshops, debates and public events devoted to all the companies operating in the region that stand out for the predominance of the component of manual skill in their manufacturing processes. In September 2021 the products that come out of the Residences Programme will be brought to Venice to participate in Homo Faber in Città, one of the most important and lively exhibition initiatives in the field of high craftsmanship at an international level, organized by the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship (see the press release).