The “AD HOC” project, “Strategies to prevent early-school leaving”, selected by the social enterprise “Con i Bambini” (Standing with Children), coordinated by Cometa Formazione and co-financed by Fondazione De Agostini, is successfully being carried forward.

The project, based on a diversified network of local Partners, will develop over a four-year time (2019-2022), striving to curb the severe problem of early school-leaving 

The mission is pursued through a wide, diversified range of activities aiming at supporting the students and their families with tailor-made paths, but also aimed at improving their skills, by offering them a range of supplementary expertise, beside the school program.

The project will be available to 120 young people between 11 and 17-year of age, attending secondary to high schools from the Como area, and their families. 

Among the successful actions we can include the jewellery and ceramics laboratories carried forward in Milan’s Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana and Spazio Nibe, supported by Fondazione Cologni, also a project partner.

The future laboratory activities, scheduled between October and December, will be carried out within the Como area, namely at Fondazione Minoprio, an institution dedicated horticulture, and at ceramist Agnes Duerrschnabel’s studio.