The Cologni Foundation is main sponsor of Design in Town, a project that connects the best Italian creative talent and 30 young designers who wish to face new challenges.

The 2016 edition of Design in Town took place from 24 July to 8 August 2016 in Ortygia, the beautiful island that is the historical heart of Syracuse, in Sicily. Twenty lecturers and thirty students, selected from all over Italy, took part in the event. The Cologni Foundation sponsored two scholarships assigned to Daniela Malagoli and Ivan Lezin.

On July 26, Alberto Cavalli, Director of the Cologni Foundation, was invited to talk about the métiers d’art in an open lesson called “The roots of Italian Beauty”. Authenticity and interpretation, creativity and innovation, originality and tradition: this is the DNA of Italian beauty, which has to be reinvented and rediscovered every day in order not to disperse an extraordinary heritage made of fine craftsmanship, talent and dialogue between “making” and “creating”.

The Cologni Foundation continues in its commitment to support young people and their future, with the aim of protecting and preserving the artistic crafts and artisanal know-how, both of which are essential ingredients of Italy’s cultural heritage.