On Wednesday 25 October 2023, at the Palazzo Ferro Fini in Venice, 'Sustainable Fashion Day'. Craftsmanship, enterprise, knowledge transmission and digital for the future of Made in Italy'. The 2023 Economics of Beauty study by Banca Ifis confirms the indispensable role of savoir-faire in the productive excellence of Italian manufacturing and shows that Made-in-Italy manufacturing and the work of the artisans generate wealth. Yet the craft enterprise system urgently needs to support generational change, involving young people. The speech by Stefano Micelli, Professor of Economics and Business Management at Ca' Foscari in Venice, always very timely and engaging, ended with a strong appeal to policy makers for incisive and immediate action, because the sector cannot afford any further loss of time, or many irreplaceable skills will disappear. Among others, Alessandra de Nitto, director of publishing activities and events at Fondazione Cologni, presented the project 'Una Scuola, un Lavoro. Training to Excellence'. The day was part of the Venice Fashion Week programme that promotes Venice as a centre of production and creativity, an ideal place to live and create, conceived and organised by Venezia da Vivere, an agency specialising in the enhancement and promotion of contemporary craftsmanship. The event is under the auspices of the Venice City Council, the Veneto Region, Homo Faber Event and Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, and in collaboration with Vela - Venezia Unica.


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