On 14 December, the third biennial edition of Vicenza's Museo del Gioiello, promoted by Italian Exhibition Group Spa in a partnership with Vicenza's Municipality, was inaugurated with an entirely new selection of works.

The third edition will be available to the public until the end of 2020, featuring 310 one-of-a-kind, exclusive items, along with 9 curators and 9 halls, each of which embraces a different approach to jewellery, a kaleidoscope of times, territories, contents and origins. Jewels as Symbol, Magic, Function, Beauty, Art, Fashion, Design, Icons and Future, each of which has been entrusted to internationally renowned curators who interpreted their meaning through beautiful, valuable treasures.

At the entrance, you meet with Bulgari's necklace “Flora High Jewellery”, selected by the Museum's Director Alba Cappellieri as the symbol of the third edition and as “a tribute to Italian craftsmanship and beauty. Bulgari took his inspiration from Sandro Botticelli's portraits, whose everlasting gracefulness reverberates in this delicate bouquet of flowers and whose wonderful craftsmanship enhances the Italian manufacturing skills”.

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