‘Art has a capacity for reactivation of thought, an ability to awaken positivity that will have a concrete effect on the daily lives of us all.’ Sustained by this conviction, Renata Bianconi has conceived the Total Recall project, putting on an exhibition in which part of the proceeds will be donated to the Health Care division of the non-profit Associazione San Fedele, which provides support to families and people in difficulties. The works of the artists represented by the Galleria Umberto Bignardi, Paola Di Bello, Gioia Di Girolamo, Elena El Asmar, Mishka Henner, Ugo La Pietra, Lolo & Sosaku and Fausta Squatriti, will be presented in dialogue with ones by a number of guest artists, selected by Rossella Farinotti: Davide Allieri, Ludovica Anversa, Nicolò Baraggioli, Francesco Bertocco, Lucia Cristiani, Silvia Mariotti, Matteo Messori, Gianluca Ragni and Chris Rocchegiani. Total Recall proposes codes that can be used to bring us back into action through the active processes of human beings and nature, invited to cooperate with one another.