After four years of activity, the project "AD HOC. Strategies to contrast school dropout" (selected by the social enterprise Con i Bambini, coordinated by Cometa Formazione and co-financed by the De Agostini Foundation) has come to its end. The project has been developed by a network of partners: schools, parishes, foundations, institutions, universities, social cooperatives, subjects variously active in the educational and social field. The beautiful video made by Emanuele Zamponi evocatively and movingly documents the project, its actors and places.

In the 2019-2023 time frame, 120 beneficiary students, aged 11 to 17, were involved: protagonists of a series of actions and strategies to prevent and contrast the serious phenomenon of school dropout, a problem that afflicts 17% of the school-age youth population in the province of Como, the initiative's target area. Among the partners, Fondazione Cologni was an active participant with the organization of meetings and visits to bring young people closer to the world of craftsmanship, as well as practical and educational workshops with important schools and master artisans in the fields of ceramics, goldsmithing, typography, bookbinding, origami, cabinetmaking, leather goods and gardening. Troubled youth, like diamonds in the rough, are a treasure chest of untapped potential: through educational work and craft experience, they can find their own way and enhance their personalities, letting their light shine.

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