Great success for the seventh edition of the "Doppia Firma" exhibition, in the context of "Arts & Crafts & Design" at Palazzo Litta, Milan: 22,500 visitors were welcomed, during the 6 days of the Design Week. Palazzo Litta has been targeted by an enthusiastic and heterogeneous public, composed not only of insiders, artists and designers, but also of craft enthusiasts and families with children, in a welcoming and festive atmosphere. A success far beyond the most optimistic forecasts. The theme for the 2023 edition of "Doppia Firma" was "playful": an inspiration that ranges from playfulness to humour, from irony to allusion, from metaphor to jest to conscious confusion, to the reversal of perspectives and values. "Doppia Firma", judged by numerous experts as one of the ten most interesting exhibitions of the Fuorisalone, emphasises the union of design innovation and the tradition of the great master artisans not only from Europe, but also from other continents, such as Asia or Latin America, for the first time.


Among the works that most fascinated the public was the scenic “Doppio gioco”, a luminous table by the eclectic artist-artisan Emanuela Crotti, evoking a mandala or a fantastic merry-go-round, created with the London design studio Waldemeyer and Farahbod; the irreverent and iconic “Supermodel Chair” by Chris Wolston and José Luis Alvarez in Colombian wicker; the highly refined “Para-vimento” in metal by Giampiero Bodino with De Castelli, inspired by the precious floors of Palazzo Litta, an exercise in creativity and craftsmanship; the phantasmagorical glass sculpture by the Murano master Lucio Bubacco and Jean Blanchaert, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, protector of glassmakers; the precious woven straw box “La boite à soleil” by the imaginative Pierre Marie with master artisan Lison de Caunes, a masterpiece of decorative taste and savoir-faire. And still among the most popular are the playful and tender enameled porcelain figures by Jaime Hayón, with the historic Spanish manufacturer Lladró: the small figure of "Embraced" reminds us how important it is to love each other, and could almost be the poetic symbol of this 2023 edition of a show under the banner of rediscovered optimism, positivity and sharing. On behalf of Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship and Living Corriere della Sera 22,500 times thank you!

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