The 2023 edition of the Mini Master 2023 of “A School, a Job. Training of Excellence”, featuring 25 talented youngsters from all over Italy, is taking place in Milan. Once again Starhotels, hospitality partner of the Project, generously offered to the apprentices rooms at the Starhotels Ritz, Starhotels Tourist and Starhotels Business Palace as part of the  initiative “The Great Beauty. The Dream Factory”. The Mini Master's program, organized by Formaper, Iulm University, SDA Bocconi, Corsi Arte and Politecnico di Milano, was  made possible thanks to the support of BPER: Bank. 


SDA Bocconi delivered its part of the course in the context of “SDA Bocconi for Growth”; IndirizzoAmbiente offered the course on occupational health and safety; Loconte&Partners, the lecture on intellectual property protection; and Accademia Teatro alla Scala offered the school rooms. In addition to the  lessons – on the history of applied and decorative arts, digital communication, microenterprise management, personal branding and self-entrepreneurship – the students will conclude this wonderful experience by visiting during the first week of December some of the city's artisan excellence, including the Ex Ansaldo laboratories of the Teatro alla Scala and the Open Care - Servizi per l'Arte restoration laboratories.

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