The young beneficiaries of the AD HOC project were able to enjoy the opportunity to measure themselves with an ancient and poetic art: that of Japanese origami!

Under the careful and expert guidance of the paper master artisan Luisa Canovi, the children were able to test their manual skills and dexterity, having a lot of fun. In origami, in fact, the sheet of paper is folded until it is transformed into an object, an animal, a flower, a game. No pencils, scissors or glue are used, only the folds, and a close relationship is established between the paper, the hands and the thought. Art of essentiality, origami leads to concentration but also to a great visual and sensory gratification in the finished result. The "little craftsmen for a day" have made origami of various kinds: from boxes to animals, from pinwheels to hearts. Each young talent, in addition to the works made, was able to take home the diagram useful to reproduce other origami at home and test individually with their manual skills, putting into practice what they learned.


 In May, master Giancarlo Busato, lithographer who for 20 years has managed the historic Stamperia d'Arte Busato, is waiting for them for the printmaking workshops. #staytuned