Three objects from Diego Cibelli's Feed Me with Domestic Stuff series were acquired by the MAD - Museum of Arts and Design in New York to become an integral part of the permanent collection, a sign that made in Italy is still a distinctive quality appreciated all over the world. The project was born in 2020, during the lockdown period, for the LAB.Oratorio exhibition space of the Made in Cloister Foundation in Naples. The collection rethinks the world of the domestic: if the connection with the external world is removed, how is it possible to connect the internal space with the external one? How can we reinvent our private space? In this work, the objects that surround us evolve and acquire a new responsibility: to become capable of breaking the boundaries between outside and inside. “I believe that one possibility may be to enrich what surrounds us with an anthropological and narrative meaning in order to transform the domestic space into a filter capable of reconnecting us with history”, explains Diego Cibelli.