Stefano Bertoli's family with Fondazione Cologni and Fondazione Pro Canale have announced a call for young luthiers under 35 for the assignment of two co-working stations at the Laboratorio di Liuteria Stefano Bertoli. The workshop was opened in 2017 by the late Stefano Bertoli with the aim of undertaking the activity and sharing the space with other young craftsmen to have opportunities for exchange and professional growth. The objective of this action is to give the opportunity to those who already have a specific training to test themselves, to consolidate their skills and to develop the profession without facing immediately high start-up costs that risk blocking the development of their activities; to offer opportunities for further training moments oriented to the development and management of their business, in a logic of sharing with other artisans; to allow them to gain visibility, through the expansion of their network of contacts and deepening the knowledge of the market. The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to use the co-working spaces for 24 months free of charge. The winning luthiers are asked to make, within the agreed period of residence, at least two instruments that can be used in a final presentation concert.  

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