Milan hosted the first Made in Italy Festival: the new Eccellenza Artigiana initiative that connects students with the opportunities offered by the Italian economy of "high quality savoir-faire". Fondazione Cologni has been an institutional partner of the event and presented to the young audience the project of training internships "Una Scuola, un Lavoro. Percorsi di eccellenza".



The Made in Italy Festival, under the artistic and curatorial direction of Eccellenza Italiana in collaboration with Rampello & Partners studio, took place on Saturday, March 23, at Talent Garden Calabiana in Milan. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., interactive meetings, workshops and lectures took place on the main stages of the Festival, led by a rich panel of experts, from fashion to design, from food and wine to entertainment, passing through education and communication.

An audience of more than 2,000 people, including many youngsters, had the opportunity to discover and become passionate about the professions that characterise Made in Italy and our country. Fondazione Cologni was an integral partner in this journey into 'Italian beauty': general director Alberto Cavalli participated in a panel on the future of design, emphasising the importance of the dialogue between design and know-how, and the need to work on the culture of beauty, the transmission of knowledge, and the celebration of talent.

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