The second edition of the event put artisans at the forefront – bringing together a diverse range of people, perspectives, materials and techniques Homo Faber Event 2022 welcomed 55,000 visitors to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice over three weeks, from 10 April to 1 May. From families and young generations to craft enthusiasts, designers and art collectors, the event attracted a wide audience to experience the best of contemporary craftsmanship in a unique setting.

400 artisans from 43 countries were spotlighted across 15 exhibitions, imagined by a team of world-renowned experts and curators. It offered a rare opportunity to meet the next generation of talented makers, rising stars and master artisans, to witness their skills up close through live showcases, and hear their stories.

The event marked the beginning of the Foundation’s global expansion with the presence of Japan as a special guest. The masterpieces of 12 National Living Treasures were elegantly displayed in a unique showcase that included handmade kimonos, effigies and handwoven bamboo baskets. Visitors experienced Japan’s cultural traditions with experiential workshops dedicated to the tea ceremony, ikebana and origami. 

A fresh energy permeated the event with a hundred Young Ambassadors, talented students of applied arts and design, who animated the spaces, inspiring new generations to embrace craft and creating a young community of creatives from all over Europe.
We are now working on the third edition… stay tuned!

Meanwhile you can re-experience Homo Faber 2022.