Bonacina 1889 presents a new collection of furniture indoor and outdoor relised by designer Francis Sultana. The Francis Sultana x Bonacina collection comprises 10 designs: the outdoor products will be displayed in a space that will evoke a winter garden, while the room dedicated to the indoor pieces will recreate the atmosphere of a library. The finishes of the products and fabrics will play on tone-on-tone effects. «The pieces look delicate but they are incredibly robust with the rattan manufacture of Bonacina combined with my signature bronze detailing, meaning for me they will be lasting design pieces, in the true history of the Bonacina collaborations»,  Francis Sultana says.



Each product is entirely handmade in Bonacina's atelier in Lurago d'Erba (Como): Each piece of the collection is extremely versatile and suitable for use in any area of the home or garden. From the living area or terrace with the sofa, coffee table and chaise longue to the dining room or poolside with chairs and stools. A perfect combination of functionality and timeless beauty. From the very early days, Bonacina used independent thinking to step away from traditional paths, yet never forgetting the strength and the taste of Italian heritage. Family represents the very fabric of Bonacina’s history, business and growth. Since the foundation, four generations have managed to innovate and grow the brand, by adding a personal vision without ever losing the entrepreneurial instinct that kept Bonacina relevant and true to its values over time.




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