The seventh edition of Doppia Firma. Dialogues between design and artisanal excellence, in an itinerary that winds its way through the magnificent rooms on the Piano Nobile of Palazzo Litta, values the union of design innovation and the tradition of the great master artisans. In this 2023 edition the fruitful creative partnerships not only from Europe but for the first time also from other continents, such as Asia (with a project crafted in Pakistan) and Latin America (with the works of Colombian artisans), in order to generate a creative partnership between a designer/artist and an artisan, or a manufacturer of excellence. 24 iconic objects are born from the cross-fertilisation between a design culture and a savoir-faire that is an authentic expression of its region of origin. Doppia Firma 2023 focuses on the fascinating concept of "playfulness": a theme that has always been represented in contemporary and applied arts, yielding very interesting and often original results, unbound by rules and conventions.



In fact, the concept embraces playfulness and humour, irony and allusion, metaphor, jest and deliberate confusion, going as far as overturning perspectives and values. In this conceptual realm, the designer and the master artisan are invited to express their vision, through exchange and rule breaking, evoking irony and fun, within a spirit of pure pleasure and creative freedom. Also for the 2023 edition, designers and master artisans have worked with many different materials and techniques (ceramic, metal, mirror, wood, glass, straw, paper...) in order to arrive at new interpretations of functional and decorative objects. Iconic objects conceived by Luca Nichetto, Pierre Marie, Chris Wolston, Supertoys Supertoys, Adam Nathaniel Furman, Victor Cadene, Jean Blanchaert, Giampiero Bodino and other internationally renowned designers who have worked with master artisans and exceptional manufacturers such as De Castelli, Barbini Specchi Veneziani, Emaux de Longwy, Craman Lagarde, Lunardelli Venezia, Lucio Bubacco and many more… Also enriching the selection is a work by artist-artisan Emanuela Crotti and a special collaboration with Triennale Milano for the second edition of the Artijanus/Artijanas project.


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