From 29th February until 21st June, in the exhibition rooms of Villa Sucota (Como), it is possible to visit the exhibition "Deep Velvet", which presents the story of this fabric.

It is an opportunity to be immersed and to enter into the depth of the fabric, penetrating a fascinating and poetic narration of a material that tells an ancient story.

It is a story that moves together with time, but also through people, tastes and, above all, the experimenters who were able to interpret changes and transform them into successful solutions. One of these was Mariano Fortuny: on display two panels of velvet can be admired, a mantle, a cape and a pair of lengths of cotton, characterized by the use of the technique of experimental printing with metallic pigment and with decorative motifs inspired by the medieval and Renaissance tradition. Through enlargements taken under a microscope and projected on to the walls, it is possible to admire the imaginative designs that are formed in the weaves and the wefts of the fabric. It is a chance to appreciate in depth the innovative solutions of one of the greatest designers and stylists of the last century.