The way we look at jewellery is usually with an eye for aesthetics. We seek out the beauty it transmits. But what lies behind its construction? The exhibition "Corpo, Movimento, Struttura. Contemporary Jewellery and its Construction" explores the structural side of jewellery, where complexity, idea and form meet.

Six jewellery designers – Giampaolo Babetto, David Bielander, Helen Britton, Peter Chang, Monica Cecchi and Philip Sajet – were asked to interpret in specially made pieces the work of six architects – Vittorio De Feo, IaN+, Sergio Musmeci, Pier Luigi Nervi, Maurizio Sacripanti and Carlo Scarpa – whose professional endeavours are part of the MAXXI Architettura collection. Under the curatorship of Domitilla Dardi, the display unites the two universes of jewellery and architecture. In addition to the unique items, preparatory drawings show how the designs were structured and built.

Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo

Via Guido Reni, 4/a,
00196 - Roma