The workshop for the creation of a new brand of Palazzo Litta - MIC Lombardy Regional Secretariat, conceived by the CorsiArte School and financed by Fondazione Cologni, has ended with outcomes of great interest. In the prestigious Sala Azzurra of Palazzo Litta, on Monday 19th June, moderated by Alberto Cavalli, the final meeting was held to present the research carried out by the young under-35 participants, in the presence of CorsiArte School project coordinator Fedora Sinnone and curators Chiara Gatti and Maddalena D'Alfonso. The enhancement of Palazzo Litta that CorsiArte proposed was based on the study of the potential of the place, its Baroque origins and the cultural scenario that generated one of the most fervent workshops in seventeenth-century Milan. “Bauhaus Barocco” represents a perspective of dialogue between past and present, in line with a trend that has been combining respectful contemporary interpretations with places of great historical significance for several years now. The series of seminars was held in Palazzo Litta with CorsiArte lecturers specialized in the history of Decorative Arts and Visiting Professors from the design field: designers, architects, artists, set designers, photographers; and at masters of high craftsmanship, for a dialogue aimed at discovering artistic techniques applied to materials for possible reinterpretations in a contemporary key. Decorative arts in different sectors such as furniture, ceramics, jewelry, textiles; expressive languages, technical evolutions of materials over time, up to the contemporary, led the participants to the creation of an integrated project built around the history and physiognomy of Palazzo Litta.


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