The very much expected appointment in Florence with Artigianato&Palazzo, the exhibition-market of Italian artisanal excellence, now in its 28th edition, is renewed. The exhibition, produced by the Associazione Giardino Corsini, of which Sabina Corsini is president, is rooted in the most ancient artisanal tradition but it highlights the contemporary nature of craftsmanship. The aim is in fact to present and enhance the figure of the craftspersons, their work and role in the current cultural and commercial context, as a high expression of quality and technique. Along the exhibition itinerary, visitors can discover how the products are created thanks to live workshops reconstructed in the Garden and the Lemon Grove. Every year, circa one hundred craftspeople are selected by the organisation to be the absolute protagonists of the event, with its unique and evocative setting: the marvellous and poetic garden so loved by Giorgiana Corsini, the unforgettable inspirer and champion of the event so loved by the Florentines and others.