The National Board of Artistic Craftsmanship is inviting to consider with attention the future of workshops and small craft businesses, and is asking institutions and decision-makers to implement measures aimed at preventing, as far as possible, the crisis that will certainly have a harsh impact on the sector of artistic and traditional craftsmanship following the current health emergency. The Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, which in 2010 signed the International Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship, has been a member of this Board since the beginning and has signed a document together with the other signatories of the Charter and the trade associations, Confartigianato and CNA. As this appeal recalls, the artistic trades represent a fundamental economic resource for Italy, a unique cultural heritage that is the result of a centuries-old artistic and productive tradition: it is a decisive resource for the social fabric, capable of creating employment and sustainable economic development. This is why artistic craftsmanship and Italian master craftspeople must be effectively supported at several levels in this particularly difficult time. The promoters of the appeal hope that a meeting can be held as soon as possible with the competent Ministries to present the urgent requests of the field of excellent craftsmanship and push for immediate measures for its indispensable protection.

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