Until 29 September, the halls of Gignod’s MAIN (House of International Craftsmanship) will be open to visitors of "Contemporary Art versus Craftsmanship”, an exhibition within the exhibition, prompted by the will to reflect on the relationship between art and craft, through the works of five contemporary artists reinterpreting the walking stick with their creations.

Attention focuses, on the one hand, on how the artwork, which is created after a process of, design and creation, is a conceptual and social thought; on the other hand, it offers an opportunity to explore the difference with craftsmanship, where the masters of gesture abundantly replicates a millenary know-how handed down through generations.

In the words of Museum Director Nurye Donatoni: "These works offer us an opportunity to approach a theme which is still creating confusion, namely the boundary between art and craftsmanship, and the different paths leading to the creation of a masterpiece”.