The yearly award granted by Paris' Centre du Luxe et de la Création to 10 specially outstanding talents within the selected categories (Audacity, Well-Being, Elegance, Harmony, Originality, Innovation, Invention, Rarity, Seduction, Talent Management) has now reached its 17th edition.
Paris' magnificent Garnier Hall of Grand Hotel Inter-Continental hosted the award ceremony on 5 February this year.
Three Italian excellent masters stood out among this year's graduates: Lilla Tabasso, a glass craftswoman, who has been awarded the “Harmony” award for her fantastic nature-related creations; goldsmith and jeweller Tommaso Pestelli, who was given the "Elegance" award for his magnificent, precious art objects, and Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli who was awarded the special jury prize, while Beatrice Barni was granted the Fondazione Cologni Métiers d'Art business award for enchanting the whole world with her roses, which she attentively and lovingly grows and selects.