On 20 March, at 10.30, in what was formerly Francesco Hayez' studio, now hall 48, in Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Ugo La Pietra's new book "Fatto ad arte. Né arte né design" (promoted by Fondazione Cologni, and published by Marsilio) will be presented within the framework of "Incontri con l'Arte", curated by Sergio Nannicola and Marco Pellizzola.

By publishing this book, Fondazione Cologni pays tribute to a great figure, an artist,intellectual and cultural promoter who, with unrelenting commitment and passion and among multiple interests, has been engaged, more than anyone else, within the Italian scene, with metiers d'art and genius loci. For over fifty years, he constantly worked toward understanding, protecting and enhancing the great Italian savoir-faire. As Maurizio Vitta distinctly highlights in his introduction to this book, «what he stubbornly aimed at in his work and in his “frantic effort” was “to recover the fracture between design and craft”, by stripping design of its frigid functionalism and enriching craftsmanship with a coherence abreast with the times».

All participants will receive a copy of the book as a gift.