After Bologna, Milan, Venice and Turin, the book "In opera. Conservare e restaurare l'arte contemporanea”, dedicated to the topical and debated issue of the restoration of contemporary art, was presented in Naples.

The presentation took place in the 16th-century cloister of the Church of Santa Caterina in Formiello, seat of the Made in Cloister Foundation for the revival of traditional crafts.

Speakers included:

Rosa Alba Impronta, President of the Made in Cloister Foundation

Elisabetta Galasso, CEO of Open Care Servizi per l'Arte

Angela Tecce, Director of the Fondazione Real Sito di Carditello

Isabella Villafranca Soissons, Director of the Department for Conservation and Restoration at Open Care Servizi per l’Arte

Roberto Spada, collector

Domenico Filipponi, Art Advisor of Unicredit

Alessandra de Nitto, Director of Editorial Projects and Events of the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art